Contract Brewing / Private Label

Brewing Program

Our custom brewing process produces a naturally sweet, smooth and delicious cold brew with long-term flavor stability.

We can help you create your very own custom cold brew coffee, or Private Label one of our delicious cold brew coffee offerings. Our Contract Brewing services include:

  • Recipe Creation
  • Custom Cold Brew Coffee Brewing
  • Packaging:
    • Cold Brew Coffee Kegs: Regular and Nitro
    • Cold Brew Bag-in-Box: Multiple sizes available
    • Cold Brew Coffee Pouch: Multiple sizes available
    • Cold Brew Coffee Bottles: Use our in-house 12oz glass, or source a custom bottle
    • Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate: Purchase in bulk
    • Cold Brew Coffee Canning
  • Storage
  • Shipping / Logistics

For contract packagers or copackers, we can provide cold brew coffee concentrate in bulk. Offer our cold brew concentrate as a bulk raw ingredient to your copack customers.

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A refreshing spin on the status quo.

Guaranteed to reform your inner coffee purist, our flagship blend SOS Cold Brew Classic is an entirely new way to enjoy coffee. We combine freshly roasted coffee, purified cold water, and time to create a smooth and naturally off-sweet cold brew delicious straight out of the bottle.


Cold Brew on tap? Yes please!

Quench your thirst with a freshly poured, ice cold SOS Cold Brew on TAP at your favourite drinking establishment. Naturally sweet, slightly effervescent, and available in all three spectacular SOS Cold Brew blends.


Like the Classic… but STRONGER.

For caffeine junkies and cold brew diehards. SOS Cold Brew Bold boasts same great taste with double the flavor intensity and double the caffeine kick.


Impressively refreshing with a Guinness-like finish.

Watch for our nitrogen flushed SOS Cold Brew at your favorite quality drink establishments - the same delicious taste, with a Guinness-like finish.


Because nothing bad ever came from Hawaii.

Kona grown coffee is known to produce some of the best brew on the planet! Crafted with rich and delicious Kona beans, our Kona Cold Brew is no exception.

Impressively Refreshing.